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50 million in 64 years

It's easy enough to check how many vehicles running on gaseous fuels there are around the world today. But do you know how many have been converted since LPG and CNG were first used as motor fuels? Well, LANDI RENZO managed to estimate its input in the global fleet.
LANDI RENZO's LPG and CNG systems have been used to convert 50 million vehicles© LANDI RENZO USAJust to put things into perspective: LANDI RENZO has provided so many conversion kits in its history that, in theory, all the LPG- and CNG-powered cars in the world today could be using the company's technology

Quite an average

According to a tweet published by LANDI RENZO USA, the Italian company's American branch, since the first conversion kit was produced back in 1954, over 50 million vehicles have been converted using the brand's gear! This means an anual average of 800 thousand and, mind you, that's just a single manufacturer. Hats off! LANDI RENZO estimates that the above number of total adaptations over the years helped avoid 15 million tonnes of CO2 in emissions, which is equivalent to saving 20 million trees from cutting. Hats off again!

A result beyond competition?

The aforementioned number refers to both LPG and CNG conversions, although that doesn't make it any less impressive. Especially that companies who could boast comparable or better results are few and far between. In fact, we suspect fingers of a single hand would be too many to count them all. Unless you're an experienced sawmill worker.

Developing their way to success

LANDI RENZO's product line-up keeps evolving to remain to-date with the market's needs and expectations and provide the company with constant demand. Nowadays, LANDI RENZO's success is measured with the number of car manufacturers whose brand new, straight-from-the-assembly-line models are converted with the Italian brand's LPG or CNG systems before even being sold. And yet there are many challenger awaiting ahead. For example, can compression-ignition petrol engines be converted? The question is more than relevant, since Mazda has introduced the first such unit on the facelifted 6 range.

LANDI in every other car?

Wishing LANDI RENZO another 50 million conversions and then another after that (preferably in less time than the original achievement), we can't help wondering: how many of the 26 million of LPG-powered and 24,5 million CNG- and LNG-powered vehicles in circulation around the globe today feature fuel systems with the LR logo? Quite a few, we suppose...


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