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Taxi drivers in Vigo switching to autogas

While it's good to hear a large group of taxi drivers is considering abandoning conventional fuels in favour of LPG, we always ask ourselves the vital question: "Why so late?" But you know what they say – late is always better than later.
Citroën C4 Picasso LPG presented to taxi drivers© AtlanticoA Citroën C4 Picasso van seems perfectly suited for taxi service, so next time you see one in Vigo, be sure to check it's LPG-powered

Taxis in many cities around the world are often privately owned by their drivers, so keeping the fuel costs low is of key interest to them. If autogas is not easily available, many cabbies resort to using diesel, but it's becoming unpopular quickly, also in Spain. Given the anti-diesel measures taken by authorities and the improving LPG refueling infrastructure in Iberia, taxi drivers in Vigo may soon replace their current vehicles with new, autogas-powered ones. At least that's what they're being encouraged to do.

PSA in particular, and even more specifically Citroën, was trying to convince taxi drivers in Vigo to make the switch, although the range of autogas-powered cars suitable for taxi service in Spain is quite extensive and includes offerings from Opel, Fiat, Dacia and Renault. And SsangYong, too, although SUVs and crossovers are rarely used as people carriers. We suppose cabbies shouldn't be particularly difficult to convince, so expect LPG taxis to hit Vigo streets sometime soon!


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Robert Markowski
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