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Skoda switches to CNG

Skoda switches to CNG © Skoda

Cars emit greenhouse gasses and harmful compounds not only as they're driven, but also, indirectly, through the process of production and transport to destination. Aware of that, Skoda has employed four CNG-powered trucks at its Mlada Boleslav main manufacturing facility.
Skoda's CNG-powered Scania Gigaliner trucks© SkodaFour trucks are not exactly a revolution, but a good start nonetheless

Even though the vehicles don't cover significant distances (they are used internally to transport goods within the plant), Skoda's fleet of commercial trucks includes at least one more of them and that one is actually tasked with making rounds between the Mlada Boleslav facility and Skoda's subcontractors. Still, the internal transport job needs to be done somehow and it's definitely better (particularly for the environment) to utilise compressed natural gas instead of diesel as fuel. But it's also about money – pressurised methane is just more affordable.

The Czech manufacturer doesn't mean to stop there. Scania Gigaliner CNG-powered lorries are soon supposed to enter service on a number of new routes, perhaps also to supply components to Skoda's other facilities. The Mlada Boleslav plant was chosen as the first one to benefit from the newly adopted solution, because this is where the company is headquartered – all revolutionary ideas are first implemented there to enhance Skoda's corporate image. Once the CNG fleet will expand with more units, annual corporate carbon dioxide emissions are expected to drop by in excess of 200 tons. Quite a chunk, don't you think?


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