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Play the game of LPG in Portugal

APETRO, the Portuguese Association of Petroleum Companies, wants you to play a game. No matter if you win or lose, you may end up convinced to use autogas instead of petrol. Now that's one innovative way to promote alternative fuels!
Full Gaz game screenshot© Full GazIt's so brilliant in its simplicity that we're wondering why nobody thought of this before

The game's called Full Gaz, it's available on Facebook as well as its own website and its purpose is simple enough: drive a car onscreen and collect powerups along your way to boost your range. The car is powered with LPG (called GPL in Portugal and in the game) and while you try hard not to crash and earn points to beat your previous score, you are bombarded with pop-up tips regarding the benefits of using autogas instead of petrol.

There are some conditions to be met, though. Users must be Portuguese and of age. Right, because you shouldn't be allowed to drive a cartoon car on screen if you're not 18 or older. No, in fact the reason behind the restriction is different – the winner is going to receive a trip to Brussels for two, so only adults are permitted to participate. Autogas is quite popular in Belgium, but as we understand the aim of the trip isn't to do a tour of local LPG refueling stations. Nevertheless, hats off to APETRO for the idea!


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Robert Markowski
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