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Peruvian drivers fall for autogas

If you thought the most popular alternative fuel in South America is alcohol, you may want to think again. In Peru, LPG is now the fuel of choice for those tired with overpriced petrol and diesel. The savings are quite sizeable!
LPG refueling at a station in Peru© America GLPImagine the queues that will form at autogas pumps when more drivers learn how much there is to save!

Once gaseous fuels started gaining popularity in South America, CNG (compressed natural gas) seemed to be drivers' first choice. However, CNG systems are more expensive than their LPG counterparts and feature bulky, heavy tanks, whereas autogas tanks are small enough to be fitted in place of the car's spare wheel. Also, LPG refueling infrastructure is much easier to develop and maintain. No wonder why motorists in Peru choose LPG over CNG these days – approximately 10 thousand of them decide to have their vehicles converted every year.

With 800 refilling sites across the country and average price of 1,10-1,78 soles (approx. 40-50 US cents) per litre, autogas' advantages have to date convinced more than 240 thousand drivers to install an LPG system. That's not a particularly impressive figure given Peru's population of over 31 million, but the market is young and the numbers are growing, so let's give it time.

As far as savings are concerned, it is estimated that a 1,6-litre car with fuel economy of 10 l/100 km requires spending some 2500-2600 soles (800 US dollars) per year when running on autogas. The same car fueled with petrol would generate annual cost of 5800-5900 soles (1700-1800 dollars) at the pump, so clearly there's a reduction in fuel bills exceeding 50 per cent. Who could afford to ignore that? Apparently in Peru there's still a remarkable number of motorists who simply remain unaware of autogas' cost-cutting potential, but we're sure the snowball effect is only starting and we're about to see some serious growth of interest in LPG as motor fuel in that country. Stay tuned!


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