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Natural gas leaders coming to INGAS 2017

More than 5000 exhibitors from 20 different countries all over the world, who will direct the future of natural gas, will discuss the future of the industry in Turkey. The countdown for INGAS 2017, İGDAŞ's huge event, is on.
INGAS 2017 logo© INGASNatural gas is the oil of the future - be a part of the impending fuel market revolution!

The 7th International Natural Gas Congress and Fair (INGAS 2017), which has been shown as one of the biggest congress and fair organizations of TURKEY and will bring together the natural gas leaders of the world in Istanbul, will be held in Istanbul Haliç Congress Center on 2-3 November. The latest developments in the sector will be evaluated and new business markets will be discussed in this event in which the biggest companies in the world operating in the natural gas sector will attend.

INGAS 2017, the largest organization of İGDAŞ, which is the only congress and fair of Turkey regarding environment friendly natural gas that is one of the most important energy resources of the World, is preparing to meet the 20 leading countries of the world in Istanbul. INGAS 2017, which is a very important organization for Turkey which aims to be a trade center of natural gas in the world based on its location, will also host very valuable guests. Besides being a congress where all the dynamics of the sector will be discussed, it is aimed to make important contributions to the economy of the country with the event which will be held together with the fair for the first time this year.

In INGAS 2017, countries such as United States, Germany, Azerbaijan, Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Algeria, Cape Town, Djibouti, China, Morocco, France, Ethiopia, Ghana, Georgia, South Sudan, Netherlands, India, Iraq, Britain, Iran, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar, Kenya, Kuwait, Macedonia, Nigeria, Oman, Uzbekistan, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Ukraine and Greece and more than 250 company representatives will be getting together. The fair, which will last for two days, will accelerate the import and export by hosting significant commercial agreements.

More than 40 ministries, foundations, universities and CSOs are among the supporters of this huge fair, including the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In this international platform that will bring the stakeholders of the sector together in Istanbul, various issues such as natural gas geopolitics and supply security, risk and opportunity management in the natural gas sector, legal regulations in the natural gas market, climate and environment, access to finance and financial resources in the natural gas sector, natural gas operation, new approaches and technologies, innovation and R & D will be discussed. Moreover, the companies participating in the fair will also get the opportunity to meet the innovations of the natural gas giant countries in the sector.


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