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Iveco Stralis NP awarded

Iveco's Stralis Natural Power truck, the first long-haul truck tractor powered with natural gas, has been named Project of the Year during the 2017 European Gas Awards of Excellence gala in Vienna. The vehicle beat four other shortlisted endeavours.

We are very proud that IVECO has been again rewarded for its commitment to sustainability. IVECO saw very early that the future of transport was in sustainable alternatives solutions. Our New Stralis NP, elected “Project of the year” at the European Gas Awards of Excellence 2017, is a revolutionary gas truck for sustainable transport: it builds on IVECO’s extensive expertise to take a step into the future: it is the first true long-haul gas truck in the market that offers a real alternative to diesel vehicles and the most sustainable long-distance transport truck ever.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President

The other shortlisted projects, eventually outvoted by the Iveco Stralis Natural Power, were:

  • Zeebrugge’s Second LNG Jetty;
  • Sabine Pass LNG Terminal;
  • LNG Dunkerque Terminal;
  • AUDI e-gas Project.
Iveco Stralis Natural Power awarded during the 2017 European Gas Awards of Excellence© CNH IndustrialSuccess has many fathers and one mother, apparently

Iveco was the first truck manufacturer in the world to realise the untapped potential of natural gas as motor fuel for the commercial sector. The company's local distribution and long-haul trucks, first introduced in 1996 in the form of a refuse collection vehicle, has been reducing local emissions and cutting GHG output as well as limiting noise emissions for over 20 years now, with over 16 thousand vehicles produced to date. The award goes to prove that Iveco made the right decision turning towards methane fuels.

As for the awarded vehicle itself, the methane-powered Stralis Natural Power features a 400 PS, 1700 Nm engine (paired to a 12-speed automated gearbox), offering the same performance as its diesel equivalent, while generating 17% more power and 6% more torque than its closest competitor. The LNG-only version of the truck boasts a range of 1500 km, with fuel economy improved by 5% over the previous model. We hope the award will help boost interest in commercial vehicles powered with natural gas, either in compressed or liquefied form.


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