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Hungary developing LNG network

Progress is easiest to make in the earliest phases – when you go from one to two, it's a leap of 100%. When it comes to Hungary and LNG stations, the first one is yet to be constructed, but work on it has already begun. It will go operational by Autumn 2017.
A digital model of Hungary's first LNG station© MGKKEThis is what the first ever LNG station in Hungary will look like when it's completed

The first Hungarian LNG refueling outlet will be located by the M0 motorway as part of the PAN-LNG project. Along with it, four more stations will be built, offering both liquefied and compressed natural gas as motor fuel (LNG and CNG). They will all be located along the country's main motorways, creating CNG/LNG corridors in the Hungarian section of the TEN-T transeuropean road network.

The PAN-LNG project, developed by the MGKKE (Magyar Gázüzemű Közlekedés Klaszter Egyesületet), i.e. the Hungarian Natural Gas Cluster, will be finalised in September 2017, which means that by Autumn this year it will be possible to cross one of Hungary's primary transit routes. The project will cost 1,2 million euros, 85% of which will be paid by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) development programme.

PAN-LNG is aimed at kickstarting methane-based transport in Hungary – the first several LNG/CNG stations are envisioned to become a launchpad for future further development of the sector. The stations in Hungary will be the first of their kind in Central Europe, although tens of similar refueling points are expected to launch within the next few years in several countries in the region, including Poland.


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