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LPG lowers fuel costs and cuts emissions so easily that we're actually surprised that it hasn't grown bored and indolent. Luckily, fuels don't do that and here's yet another confirmation of how much there is to gain thanks to autogas. And how easily!
Lynn Star's Leyland DAF truck tractors© Lynn StarThe question isn't "Does an LPG truck pay?", but "How much does it pay?"

Lynn Star Haulage and Distribution of Norfolk, England, has fitted an LPG system on one of their truck tractors, a Leyland DAF CF 460 FTG 6x2, which is usually used with a three-axle trailer. The combined gross weight of the set is 44 tonnes. Two months into the trial run, it's time for a preliminary summary and apparently the results have by far exceeded the expectations of those involved.

Specifically, fuels costs have dropped by 18%, which is a great result for a high-mileage vehicle, covering ten if not hundreds of thousands km every year. And the emissions? As far as nitrogen oxides (NOX), some of the most hazardous compounds contained in exhaust gasses, are concerned, nearly 50% have been eliminated at the tailpipe. This means the truck, already Euro 6 compliant, has become even closer to neutral to the environment and human health.

We have been looking at this trial from a commercial and environmental point of view, and have been very excited by the findings so far. Across a range of conditions, we have recorded an average of 17,9% savings on fuel, a 13% reduction in CO2, and a staggering 49% cut in NOX. On a vehicle that averages 9.5 miles to the gallon, this would result in a six-figure saving for the business across an entire fleet over the year, as well as reducing our carbon footprint, which as a family business is important when we are thinking about the next generation.

Sherridan Dowan, managing director, Lynn Star Haulage and Distribution

In Great Britain there's even more to it. For instance, there are Ultra Low Emission Zones in London, with hefty congestion charge applied for entry. If Lynn Star wanted to go there with their truck, they would have to part with 100 pounds daily. Authorities of other British cities, including among others Birmingham, are also at was with diesels these days and are making the lives of diesel owners increasingly harder, trying to discourage them from using oil burners. And so converting a truck offers dual benefits – fuel bills drop and the congestion charge isn't, well... charged. It's to everyone's advantage – fleet operators spend less, city dwellers inhale less pollutants and city authorities spend less on curing pollution-relatd illnesses. More conversions are just a matter of time!


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