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Half of Spanish motorists want LPG

According to a study commissioned by AOGPL (Spanish Association of LPG Operators), nearly 50% of Spanish drivers are willing to switch to autogas. The rest probably drive diesels, but there's a ray of hope for them as well.
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Precisely 48,17% of the 2000 motorists surveyed declared readinessto have their current petrol-powered cars converted to run on LPG. A further 16,93% expressed will to buy new cars featuring factory- or dealership-fitted autogas systems when time comes to switch rides. The latter ones are probably those who drive diesels and have nothing to convert right now, but see others use LPG cars, envy them a little and are tempted by the prospect of having an autogas-powered car one day. Not just because it's cheaper, but also because it's cleaner. Or the other way around, actually.

Why so? According to the study, most drivers are interested in LPG primarily because of its environmental record. 58,67% of the surveyed group want to make the switch because autogas is less polluting, 44,85% because it's more environmentally friendly and 41% because it offers significant cost reductions over other fuels and propulsions. This is quite surprising, but maybe shouldn't be – environmental consciousness is growing and running costs often don't matter as much as being perceived as a treehugger.

Spanish LPG sector is well aware of the growing demand and acts accordingly to make sure supply is appropriate. For example, the already available 500 autogas retail points across the country will be joined by as many as 1200 new ones over the next three years. Besides, the conversion shop network is being constantly developed. Furthermore, the General Transport Board (DGT) qualified all LPG-powered vehicles as „green”, allowing them to access city centres without limitations, regardless of air quality. Although the latter just increases drivers' interest in the fuel rather that satiates it...


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