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Europe's biggest CNG station launched

Due to its place on the map, Russia is often considered more of an Asian than a European country. Its capital, Moscow, is still on the Old Continent, which makes Moscow's and Russia's newly-launched biggest CNG station also the biggest of its kind in Europe.
A Lada Vesta refueling at the new CNG station by Gazprom in Moscow© GazpromCNG is a very democratic fuel - it serves all vehicles alike!

The station, officially opened in mid-November, 2017 is a part of Gazprom's expanding network of CNG outlets across Russia. With its 12 stands, it's going to be able to dispense nearly 30 million cubic metres of gaseous fuel per year and refuel up to 2000 vehicles daily. Quite impressive, wouldn't you say?

The station is located in northern Moscow, near the Mosgortrans depot. The company is Moscow's public transport operator and uses 155 methane-powered city buses. The vehicles will definitely be regulars at the outlet, but since it's a general-access one, all sorts of users are welcome, including taxi drivers, truck operators and individual motorists.

Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas in the world. In view of that potential, a few years ago we embarked on an ambitious effort to develop the refueling infrastructure that uses affordable and eco-friendly vehicle fuel. We have built 43 state-of-the-art stations in 24 Russian regions.

Moscow is a gigantic megalopolis, a major transport and logistics center. By the start of the FIFA World Cup, we will bring four more stations onstream in the city. They will comply with the highest quality and safety standards. Over the next two years, Gazprom will establish a full-fledged NGV refueling network in the region.

The crucial aspect is that the NGV market fosters the development of related industries, which, in its turn, generates jobs and improves the social and economic situation not only in the regions, but also in the country at large. The role of natural gas in vehicles is bound to grow further.

Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors


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