Easter time is here again!

There are tons of Christmas songs and probably not one Easter song. Can you imagine your holiday season favourites beginning with the words "And so this is Easter and what have you done?" or "Last Easter I gave you my heart"?
Easter time is here again!© ParvifloraEaster time is here again!

Is it the lack of snow? Or maybe the absence of a decorated tree? Or perhaps the fact that at this time of year there are no presents distributed by an elderly man who laughs cordially and shakes his belly like a bowlful of jelly in the process? Well, it's hard to tell, really, but one thing is for sure: nobody writes Easter songs for radio stations to play annoyingly often until we actually like them. Isn't that a shame, though?

Sad as we are about the discovery of the apparently complete non-existence of Easter tunes to hum along to, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful, joyful time, spent with your loved ones and away from your worries. Even if you have to do so in complete silence, because, as we may have mentioned, there are no Easter songs to sing and enjoy. But whatever.


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