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Volkswagen to replace CNG tanks in 30000 cars

Volkswagen is recalling 30 thousand cars featuring factory-fitted compressed natural gas systems to replace their tanks. This is mainly a precaution, but since methane is stored at a pressure of over 200 bar, it definitely pays off to be on the safe side.
Volkswagen Passat TSI EcoFuel© VolkswagenCNG-powered Volkswagens are popular in certain parts of Europe, particularly Germany, Italy and Scandinavia

Volkswagen seems to have been struck by a major streak of bad luck – first the infamous Dieselgate and now this. Of course, this is a minor thing compared to the emission cheating scandal, but replacing CNG tanks in 30 thousand cars doesn't exactly come free. By which we mean the company will pay for the operation from its own pocket.

The reason for the entire operation is that regular corrosion check-ups were not possible in certain European countries (Volkswagen did not say which specifically). Since safety of a CNG-powered car largely depends on the condition of its tank, the manufacturer chose to replace the tanks altogether.

The issue affects certain Passat, Caddy and Touran models produced between 2006 and 2010. Owners of the cars will be contacted by Volkswagen and asked to visit a dealership at a convenient time. The company already recalled a batch of Tourans in July 2016 for the same reason – the front CNG tanks were prone to corrosion causing risk of potentially dangerous burst.


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