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Vialle teams up with XLR8

Vialle may have been going through turbulent times recently, but now the company is back on track and full of new ideas. In order to broaden the product range and reach new markets, a new strategic partnership has been made with XLR8 Engineering.
Vialle's Petter Rutten and XLR8's Bart de Haas sign cooperation agreement© VialleBy partnering with XLR8, Vialle will instantly add CNG and dual-fuel solutions to its product line-up

The two companies will jointly develop and market products. For Vialle it means expanding the portfolio considerably and entering markets where the company hasn't been present so far. In particular, the joint venture will focus on diesel blending technology as there is growing demand worldwide to cut emissions from oil-burning vehicles. Vialle has been working on their own diesel blending systems utilising liquid state LPG, but with the new partnership there will be a switch towards gaseous state LPG as well as CNG.

The new, jointly developed products are as follows:

  • Bi-Green – bi-fuel CNG system for petrol cars;
  • MonoBlue – mono-fuel LPG system for heavy-duty vehicles;
  • MonoGreen – mono-fuel CNG/LNG system for heavy-duty vehicles;
  • DualBlue – dual-fuel LPG system for heavy-duty diesel vehicles;
  • DualGreen – dual-fuel CNG/LNG system for heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Some of them were presented to the public during the 2016 edition of GasShow trade fair in Warsaw, Poland and Vialle distributors already feature the new line-up in their offers.


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