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Utah ski shuttle fleet chooses LPG

We never get tired with news of fleets who decided to convert their vehicles to run on the cheaper and greener LPG autogas instead of petrol. Canyon Transportation, a ski shuttle operator from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, is the latest addition to the list.
Canyon Transportation's LPG-powered shuttles© Canyon TransportationBeing driven close to nature, autogas-powered shuttles make all the sense in the world

Canyon Transportation runs a fleet of 40 airport shuttle buses, some of them wheelchair-accessible, including Ford Econoline and Transit vans, Ford Expedition SUVs and Mercedes Sprinter vans. In preparation for the ski season (Canyon Transportation offers rides from the Salt Lake City airport to nine ski resorts in the area) four of the Econolines and Transits were converted to LPG autogas in late 2015. As vehicles are replaced with newer ones over time, the company's CEO Melanie Marier intends to have more shuttles converted.

The process will be overseen and supervised by Blue Star Gas, Canyon Transportation's fuel provider. An on-site refueling station featuring a 1000-gallon (ca. 3800-litre) autogas tank is under construction and the shuttle company's team are undergoing training to learn how to maintain LPG-powered engines. The ultimate goal – besides slashing fuel bills – is to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 tonnes annually. The initiative receives two thumbs up from us!


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