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Two Fiestas on the box in San Marino

BRC Racing Team's crews, driving LPG-powered Ford Fiesta R5 LDIs, dominated the 2016 Rally San Marino, the fifth round of this year's Italian Rally Championship series. Thanks to this Ford now leads the manufacturers' standings.

To say that the two Fiestas managed to finish the rally (held on July 8-10, 2016) on the podium is like saying nothing at all. It may actually suggest they were second and third, respectively, but the truth is they topped the box in the best style they could have – Giandomenico Basso and Lorenzo Granai were first and newcomer Simone Campedelli with co-driver Danilo Fappani came second. How's that for a success?

I'm very happy with this victory. I believed success would come after a time of struggle and misfortune and it did. Big thanks go to my co-driver and the entire BRC team who made the perfect car for me.

Giandomenico Basso

The Rally San Marino was held in the region I come from, so it felt like home and I'm happy about my performance. It was a difficult trial, but we never let go and at the end of the day managed to secure the top two spots. Couldn't be better!

Simone Campedelli

Finish line and winners of the Rally San Marino 2016© ACI Sport ItaliaUmberto Scandola didn't win this time, but was third, so Giandomenico Basso must keep the pace if he wants to win the championship this year

The double victory made it possible for Ford to become the leader of the manufactrers' standings five rounds into the 2016 season. Given how good Basso and Campedelli are at providing valuable points regularly, the Blue Oval shouldn't have much of a problem winning the championship. And what about individual drivers?

Giandomenico Basso is now third overall, just 1,25 points behind Umberto Scandola and 2,75 behind Paolo Andreucci. Simone Campedelli is fourth with 29,5 points, but he joined the series halfway through the season. If he remains with the BRC Racing Team in 2017, he should be able to demonstrate his abilities in full then, with an entire season to compete and show his valour. Turns out Giandomenico Basso's greatest rival may be his own teammate...


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