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Ride for free on the LPG bus

September 22, 2016, was this year's World Car-Free Day, the last day of the European Mobility Week. Many cities offered drivers free public transport rides, but transit authorities of Valladolid, Spain, took the matter a step further.
An LPG-powered city bus on the street in Valladolid, Spain© auto-gas.netThe Valladolid LPG-powered bus is not the only one of its kind - similar vehicles are used in Italy. Strangely enough, the number of applications across Europe drops instead of rising, with everybody going EV these days

In Valladolid on September 22 not only was it legal to ride without a ticket, but also the free buses were powered with LPG. In fact, 103 of the city's 150 public people carriers utilise this alternative fuel instead of diesel. Let us rise the question: is LPG powering a bus still called autogas or should it rather be referred to as busgas?

The free rides on the World Car-Free Day in Valladolid were sponsored by Repsol, the oil company. They are one of the most dedicated proponents of autogas in Spain, so the LPG-powered bus was not the only initiative taken during the Mobility Week. The fuel was promoted among motorists to encourage more conversions and a small display of cars featuring autogas systems was arranged on Valladolid's main square in the centre of the city.

How efficient these actions will prove, remains to be seen. But the fact is autogas is gradually gaining popularity in Spain – there are approx. 50 thousand LPG-powered cars on the road and over 360 stations to refuel them at, including four in Valladolid. The city itself supports users of autogas by offering a 65% discount on road tax. That's how you do it!


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