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New LPG cars returning to the UK

With a network of 1400 stations and 150 thousand cars out there, you would hardly expect that British buyers have next to no new autogas-converted cars to choose from. Yet that's about to change, since demand is going nowhere but up.

Believe it or not, but the only LPG-converted car available new in the UK is the Proton Gen-2 Ecologic. That's quite a niche offering and even though Opel offers an autogas-powered variant of almost every single model they make, its sister brand, the UK-exclusive Vauxhall has none. Zero. Nada. You get the picture. But since interest in autogas cars is rising among British motorists (due to lower costs and reduced emissions), car makers quickly realise lacking appropriate models may soon harm their sales figures. Especially that in mainland Europe as many as 17 brands include cars running on autogas in their line-ups.

For some time we’ve been calling upon vehicle manufacturers to offer UK motorists the same level of choice as those in mainland Europe with the re-introduction of LPG variants into their range. It’s clear from the latest revelations about the emissions that UK businesses and individuals want a credible, cleaner alternative immediately. LPG is a proven, cleaner solution with an established refuelling and servicing infrastructure already in place. We simply need vehicle manufacturers to make LPG ready cars available in the UK and together we can help make a significant improvement to the UK’s air quality.

Linda Gomersall, general manager Autogas Limited

A Vauxhall showroom© Sean Jordan EngineeringEach of the cars pictured here is available with optional LPG system as an Opel, none as a Vauxhall. Not yet, that is to say, but hopefully it will change sooner rather than later

Which cars could first see factory and approved LPG conversions and reintroduction to the UK market? Vauxhall seems obvious, for equally obvious reasons, but there's got to be more, right? Honda could follow – they have a factory in the country and are known to offer autogas-powered variants of their cars (e.g. the Civic sedan in Turkey). Toyota is unlikely as they bet on hybrids, EVs and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles these days, but how about Nissan? Maybe, but of course there are many brands with no manufacturing facilities directly in the UK who have extensive ranges of models running on LPG, such as Skoda, Dacia, Hyundai, Kia, Ford or Fiat. Indeed, the market offer could grow from next to nothing to abundant in no time at all if there was will on dealers' part. But changes in this respect seem inevitable – it's all probably just a matter of time. Let's hope so!


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