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Honduras enters the LPG autogas path

If you run records of LPG autogas adoption around the world, be sure to add Honduras to the list. A conversion project was launched in late 2011 and now the harvest sown back then is being reaped as more and more drivers decide to make the switch.

Through the years people have learnt about the safety and efficiency of the system. We provide an Italian direct injection system under Lovato brand. Our main customers are taxi drivers, who have a full subsidy from the government.

Hector Enamorado, managing director of the Tropigas Honduras’ LPG project

LPG-powered taxis at a refueling station in Honduras© Tropigas HondurasWe're confident that one conversions of taxis are complete, other cars in Honduras will also receive the autogas treatment

Even without subsidies, autogas systems in Honduras are relatively inexpensive – converting a car with a four-cylinder engine costs 1000 dollars, while one with a six-cylinder unit sets drivers back 1300 dollars. Currently available autogas tanks have a capacity of 17 gallons (approx. 64 l).

Conversions pay off quickly since switching from petrol to LPG cuts fuel bills by as much as 70 percent. And while installers report they primarily work on taxis, the idea of replacing the conventional fuel with the alternative one is growing on individual drivers, too – approx. 100 of them had autogas systems fitted on their cars in 2015.

While that's not many, it's something for a start. We're convinced LPG will eventually catch on big time in Honduras. Why? Because it did in so many other countries before and we see no reason why it should be any different in this particular case. We'll share updates with you as they come.


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