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GasSuf 2016 starts today!

From October 18 to 20, ECC Sokolniki in Moscow will host the 14th International Exhibition of Natural Gas Motor Fuel and Filling Equipment and Vehicles (GasSuf). The organiser of the event is ITE Group of Companies that holds a leading position at the exhibition services market in Russia.

GasSuf is an annual international exhibition, where experts can learn about, and buy modern natural gas motor fuel and filling equipment and batch-produced vehicles from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. Representatives of dealerships will have the opportunity to find new suppliers and extend the product range presented. About 2000 people from 65 regions of Russia who develop the gas filling network visit the exhibition every year.

GAZ Group's stand at GasSuf© ITE GroupGasSuf is an opportunity to see how much is going on in terms of natural gas as motor fuel in Russia

This year, there will be about 60 exhibitors. In addition to regular participants of the exhibition, i.e. Russian and foreign industry leaders: GT7, GLOBAL GAS, Delta Compresion S.R.L, ServisArm and many others, new participants such as Alex Sp.zo.o., AEB S.p.a. Kanaiya Brass Products, KPG Komplekt, Maxus Metal Sanoat, and AG Centrum joined the exposition.

Many participants increased the area of stands in order to present more units of equipment and vehicles to potential customers. The total area of the exhibition will exceed 3000 sq. m.

Traditionally, stands of foreign and Russian companies will demonstrate integrated solutions for design and construction of CNG filling stations as well as batch-produced vehicles and equipment for switching vehicles to natural gas motor fuel.

RPC Lenpromavtomatika, MGPZ, Fornovo Gas, Graf, Schwelm, Servis-ARM, Shelf will demonstrate equipment for gas filling stations. Russian Buses - GAZ Group, Commercial Vehicles - GAZ Group, RariTEK will present commercial vehicles and special equipment using natural gas motor fuel. Balcity, Gaspart and Russian Cylinders prepared vast expositions of natural gas equipment. Evrogals will present equipment for storage and distribution of liquid natural gas. Mobile gas filling trucks (MGFT) offered by VITKOVICE RUS and KPG Komplekt will be presented at the exhibition for the first time.

Business program
The main event of the GasSuf business program will be the international conference Installation and Operation of NGE in the Russian Federation. Problems and Solutions organised in cooperation with Gazprom GMT and the Gas Vehicle Association. The goal of the conference is building an efficient dialogue among representatives of the Federal Government Agency “Research Center of Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”, the Gas Vehicle Association, FSUE NAMI, Russian Automotive Market Research (NAPI), the Russian Automobile Association (RAA) and manufacturers of natural gas motor fuel, filling equipment and vehicles.

Professionals can get a free e-ticket to the exhibition by registering on the official website. is a media partner of the exhibition.


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