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DHL introduces LPG vans

DHL, Deutsche Post's express delivery service, is introducing autogas-powered vans, but not in its homeland Germany – the vehicles will serve the company's tri-state (Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee) area operations in the US.

Introduction of the cheaper-to-run-and-maintain, more environmentally-friendly vehicles coincided with the launch of DHL's new service centre in Memphis, Tennessee, which features some extra facilities and conveniencies, including a larger car park. The investment cost 2,5 million dollars, but will allow DHL to process more parcels (up to 2500 per hour), so it should pay back relatively soon. And obviously, the several dozen new LPG-powered vans will provide some tangible fuel cost cuts, too.

Memphis is a top metro area for exports, and as a leading international shipping provider, we are keeping pace with the tremendous growth from the area’s global businesses. This new facility will not only support customer shipment growth, but will also allow for earlier delivery times and later drop-off times for international importers and exporters.

John Fox, DHL Area General Manager, Southeast US

DHL's autogas-powered Ford van© DHLAutogas cuts fuel bills and emissions simultaneously!

The company concentrates on the new facility in its press release and only briefly mentions the LPG-powered vans, but most importantly thanks to the initiative there is now yet another fleet of commercial vehicles running on autogas in the US. The fuel is used in the country in roughly the same way CNG is utilised in Europe – for fleets of delivery vehicles and buses rather than individual passenger cars. Maybe in time, as refueling infrastructure develops, this will change, but for now every time we report autogas in the US it's probably going to be related to commercial fleets. Consider yourselves warned.


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