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Congress supports autogas

Fiscal uncertainty and legal instability are bad to any sector of the economy. Autogas is no different here, but in the US it's now free to grow thanks to a new act recently passed by the Congress. What does the document guarantee to the LPG business?

The benefits are actually quite many and include the following:

  • stable, fixed taxation over a specific period of time;
  • R&D funds guarantee;
  • simplification and systematisation of regulations concerning autogas.

The American LPG sector has voiced much enthusiasm about the new act and Rick Roldan, president of the NPGA (North American Propane Gas Association), commented:

When Congress works together, consumers are the ultimate beneficiaries. The two-year extension of the Alternative Fuels Tax credit and the refuelling property credit will promote domestic fuels like Autogas, make it easier to get more clean vehicles on the road, and save consumers money. NPGA would like to thank Representatives Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Ron Kind (D-WI) for providing the bi-partisan leadership to advance these credits in Congress.

As far as specifics are concerned, tax credits for LPG-powered vehicle purchase and autogas station construction have been guaranteed for another two years. This, along with other regulations introduced by the act, means that companies from the autogas sector can plan their future endeavours with certainty of fulfilling their projected goals. In terms of R&D funds, the Department of Energy has been assigned money to develop direct autogas injection technology and LPG-based cogeneration solutions with the new bill. All the above means we should probably expect even more autogas-related news coming our way from the US soon, and more news is always good news!


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