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Chevrolet Orlando LPG recalled

A batch of Chevrolet Orlando MPVs featuring factory-fitted autogas systems is being recalled in South Korea over excessive emissions of certain pollutants. Cars will be repaired free of charge to prevent the problem from recurring.
Chevrolet Orlando© ChevroletThe Orlando isn't offered in Europe anymore, but its production in Korea continues

Tests conducted by the Korean ministry of environment between November 2015 and March 2016, involving 10 examples of the Orlando featuring 2-litre petrol engines converted to run on LPG autogas, revealed excessive emissions of toxic carbon monoxide (CO) and nonmethane organic gas (NMOG). The concentration of the former pollutant in exhaust gasses was on average above 1,847 g/km (the limit is 1,06 g/km), while of the latter – above the 0,025 g/km limit.

According to GM Korea, manufacturer of the Chevrolet Orlando, the issue (affecting cars produced between May 6, 2011 and October 7, 2013) was caused by carbon build-up on the throttle body of the engine, leading to incomplete fuel combustion and thus increased emissions. GM Korea will replace the recalled cars' emission control software and, additionally, clean the throttle bodies of examples that have to date been driven for 80 thousand km or more.


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