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BBU goes LPG in the USA

Bimbo Bakeries USA decided to switch to autogas as the fuel for their fleet of baked goods delivery vehicles. 84 new trucks have already entered service (or soon will) in the company's three major markets. LPG cuts costs and emissions, plus it's domestically produced.

Bimbo Bakeries USA introduced propane autogas vehicles into our Chicago, Denver and Washington, D.C., regions to help accomplish our corporate environmental goals while lowering our bottom line. This initiative is the latest in our company’s continued effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Gary Maresca, senior director of fleet services for BBU

Bimbo Bakeries' LPG-powered Ford F-59 bread van© Bimbo BakeriesLPG keeps the bread price steady and makes your air cleaner - what else to expect of a fuel?

Each of the newly deployed LPG-powered delivery vehicles will reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 192 thousand pounds (over 86 tons), which means the entire fleet will cut the output of the greenhouse gas by over 16 million pounds (7,2 thousand tons) over its lifetime. But obviously the environmental factor isn't the only one that convinced BBU to go LPG – the fuel is more affordable than petrol and diesel and its price is known to be stable over lengthy periods of time.

30 units of the newly purchased fleet entered service in Chicago in January, 27 more have been deployed in Denver. The remaining 27 trucks are destined for Washington, D.C. and will be implemented any moment now. Their task is and will be delivering BBU's products (including Thomas’, Oroweat, Entenmann’s and Sara Lee) to retailers in their respective areas of operation.

Bimbo Bakeries seamlessly integrated our fuel system technology into three of its key markets. We helped train their technicians on the specifics of servicing our propane autogas Ford F-59 trucks. These professionals are already familiar with Ford products and value the factory warranty that stands behind each ROUSH CleanTech vehicle.

Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech

Bimbo Bakeries now have on-site refueling facilities at each of the three locations where autogas-powered trucks have been deployed, which means convenience and fuel price stability. Apart from the lower fuel costs, the company also expects to reduce their spendings on engine maintenance, since LPG burns cleaner than conventional fuels and reduces engine wear. Way to go, BBU!


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