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Autogas speeds up in Argentina

Although South America is primarily associated with CNG and ethanol when it comes to alternative fuels, LPG autogas is gaining popularity, too. At least in Argentina it is, where taxi drivers are at the forefront of transition to this option.
An LPG retailing station in Corrientes, Argentina© auto-gas.netWith example set by taxi drivers, other motorists should feel encouraged to switch to autogas, too. Will they?

Conventional fuels have become significantly more expensive in the first six months of 2016, motivating drivers to seek more affordable alternatives. Motorists are particularly fed up with pricy petrol in the Corrientes province in northeast Argentina (petrol costs on average 20 Argentine dollars there, while LPG is available at half the price), so that's where autogas is gaining momentum faster than elsewhere in the country.

Just to give you an idea of how demand has grown lately, we'll give you some figures. Back in 2015, before interest blossomed, conversion workshops would fit 10-15 LPG systems per month, now they do more than 30. This means conversion rates have at least doubled over the past 12 months and as history tells us, once you switch to the cheaper alternative, you stick to it for years, which is good news for autogas in Argentina.

As said before, taxi drivers were the first to seek refuge from expensive fuels in the arms of autogas. Some of them made the switch in February and their conversions have already paid back, after just six or seven months. Let's hope other drivers soon cath the "LPG virus", too.


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