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Autogas runs like water for Nestlé

Nestlé Waters has expanded its fleet of LPG autogas-powered delivery trucks by 155 new vehicles. They will make some truly palpable fuel cost cuts, but they're also expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions substantially.

The newly deployed vehicles are all Ford F-650 medium-duty delivery trucks. Collectively, they are projected to cut CO2 emissions by as much as 24,6 million pounds (over 11 million kg or 11 thousand tonnes) over their lifetime. And remember that the 155 new trucks aren't Nestlé Waters' first of their kind, but an addition to an already existing fleet.

Becoming a better steward of our environment is a priority for Nestlé Waters. We have been running propane autogas vehicles since 2014. Because of the proven emissions reductions and cost savings, we knew it was the right choice to expand our fleet with this domestically produced alternative fuel.

Bill Ardis, national fleet manager for Nestlé Waters North America

Nestlé Waters' LPG-powered delivery truck© Nestlé WatersSome of Nestlé Waters' beverages may be saturated with CO2, but the delivery trucks are cutting down on emissions of the gas

The company's customers also appreciate the switch from petrol to autogas – LPG-powered trucks are remarkably quieter and cleaner. Also, fuel bills aren't the only area where they contribute to cost reductions, because vehicles running on autogas require less maintenance than their petrol- or diesel-powered equivalents. In other words, the alternative fuel makes all parties involved winners.

Nestlé Waters' new trucks feature Roush CleanTech's CARB- and EPA-certified autogas systems with 45-gallon/170-litre (usable capacity) LPG tanks. Of course, the F-650's 6,8-litre V10 engine isn't the most economical unit in the world, but with this kind of capacity the trucks should easily cover 500 km without refueling, which is more than decent for medium-duty delivery service. We hope Nestlé Waters doesn't stop there and soon expands their LPG-powered fleet even further.


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