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Autogas has Reflex

Reflex, a Spanish company from the car rental business, is going to offer its customers autogas-powered cars. A cooperation agreement has been signed with oil company Repsol, a devoted proponent of the alternative fuel.
Reflex' autogas offerings© ReflexTwo's a company, three's a crowd. How about eight, including two versions of one?

Repsol has been supporting the use of LPG instead of petrol for quite some time, having teamed up with various partners. The company has signed agreements with a number of car manufacturers and importers in the past to encourage them to introduce autogas-powered models to their Spanish line-ups and on its part develops a network of LPG refueling sites. At the moment Repsol operates 350 stations on the Iberian Peninsula and the Baleares, with more under construction or at least in the planning stage. The number of cars running on autogas in Spain is also on the up, with more drivers now able to get convinced to use LPG by renting from Reflex.

As Alejandro Rodriguez, Reflex' operations director explains, introducing LPG vehicles to the company's offer will allow customers to enjoy lower emissions and will significantly cut Reflex' corporate fuel bill. Especially that, as stated in the agreement, Repsol will partially refund the autogas used by Reflex' fleet. The customers will apparently not be able to benefit directly from the cheaper fuel, but the positive experience with autogas may convince them to have their private cars converted.

As for the models available to choose from, Reflex offers the following:


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