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Autogas - Germany's no. 1 alternative fuel

Some time ago we reported the half-millionth autogas-powered car in Germany. Even though the number has since stalled and even dropped a little, LPG remains way ahead of other alternative fuels and green technologies.
Aral fuel station in Germany, offering LPG autogas© AralEvery other station in Germany offers autogas, but maybe that's still not enough

On January 1, 2016 the number of vehicles running on liquefied petroleum gas in Germany stood precisely at 475711. While it's by almost 25000 fewer than in late 2012, autogas remains by far the most popular alternative fuel in this European country – next in line are hybrids at 130365 registered cars, CNG/LNG (80300) and EVs (25502).

The above figures mean that autogas represents as much as 67% of all alternative mobility in Germany. Or even more, depending on whether or not you consider hybrids to be truly alternative. After all, they still use conventional fossil fuels, although in smaller amounts than petrol- and diesel-only cars. On the other hand, it's somewhat puzzling why the number of vehicles fueled with LPG in Germany isn't even higher.

The reason we say that is because autogas refueling infrastructure is particularly well developed there. According to DVFG, the German LPG Association, there are as many as 7000 stations offering LPG in Germany, which is quite impressive given there are approx. 40000 overall in Europe. In neighbouring Poland there are some 5000 stations retailing autogas, there are 3 million cars running on that fuel, so why only below 500 thousand in Germany?

Perhaps because the 7000 in Germany means only one station in two offers LPG, while in Poland the ratio is more favourable? Whatever the reason, we hope autogas retains its position this year and in the years to come, all the while growing in popularity and importance. We're pretty certain there are more drivers willing to slash their fuel bills by half than the current 475 thousand, so let's just wait and see how things develop over time. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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Robert Markowski
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