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82 Mercedes Citaro NGTs for EMT Madrid

EMT Madrid, a public transport operator from the Spanish capital, has ordered 82 CNG-powered Mercedes-Benz Citaro city buses. The company has been using buses running on compressed methane for quite a while now.

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EMT Madrid was established in 1947 and currently operates a fleet of 1920 city buses. The vehicles collectively cover a distance of one million km annually, providing mobility to 425 million passengers. Routes operated in the city by EMT Madrid are approx. 3600 km long and include 10 thousand bus stops.

The Citaro NGT (Natural Gas Technology) is animated by a modern M936 G engine, which – according to Mercedes-Benz representatives – is the epitome of downsizing. Its displacement is 7,7 l and the unit is considered to be the most compact methane-powered engine in its class. The unit weighs in at just 747 kg.

Buses ordered by EMT Madrid (Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid) include 40 18-metre ones (articulated) and 42 12-metre ones (4x2). They can run on either fossil natural gas or renewable biomethane. In the latter case, the vehicles emit so little CO2 they can virtually be considered carbon-neutral.

Mercedes Citaro NGT© Daimler BusesThe 12-metre version of the Citaro NGT has 6 roof-mounted CNG tanks with a combined gross capacity of 1290 l

Additionally, the Citaro NGT considerably cuts down on noise pollution, emitting by up to 4 dB (A) less noise than its diesel-powered equivalent, which means in practice the bus is by 50% quieter. Both the low CO2 emissions and low noise pollution make the Citaro NGT perfect for urban use. In Madrid, the newly ordered vehicles will serve one of the busiest routes in the strict centre of the city, along Paseo de la Castellana.

The M936 G engine powering the Citaro NGT is based on the 6-cylinder OM 936 diesel engine. The CNG version is a monofuel unit, running on natural gas only. It generates 222 kW (302 PS) of power at 2000 RPM and 1200 Nm of torque between 1200 and 1600 RPM. The engine is Euro 6 compliant.

Approximately 10500 new city buses are sold across Western Europe each year. Of that number, vehicles powered with natural gas account for some 10%. Mercedes-Benz expects the market share of CNG-powered city buses to rise in the nearest future.


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