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UK drivers saved £66 million in 2014 with LPG

According to data collected by British LPG supplier Autogas, UK drivers managed to collectively save approximately 66 million pounds by using autogas instead of petrol. And mind you, UK is not a country where LPG is particularly cheap or drivers using it are very many.

There are some 150 thousand motorists driving on LPG and the fuel is by 40% cheaper than petrol, with prices standing currently at 64,68 pence per litre of autogas and 110,33 ppl of petrol. And while drivers have been enjoying a substantial drop in the prices of conventional fuels (at least 30 ppl for both petrol and diesel), autogas has always been and will be the most affordable widely available alternative, because no matter how cheap regular fuels get, LPG will remain 40% below them in terms of price.

The recent fall in the cost of petrol and diesel is welcome news to millions of motorists, but it’s important to remember that this could easily be a short-lived reduction. Not too long ago drivers were paying record prices for unleaded of more than £1,40 per litre and a return to similar levels is not inconceivable. With the Government’s recent 10-year commitment to the fuel differential between petrol and LPG, the only way to guarantee permanently lower priced fuel is to make the switch to LPG.

Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas


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