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© Toyota / An unusually tall body and doors from the floor to the roof - this must be a taxi poprzednie następne
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Toyota JPN Taxi goes official

Toyota JPN Taxi goes official © Toyota

After having been announced since 2013, it's finally here – the production version of the Toyota JPN Taxi dedicated LPG-electric hybrid was revealed during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Well, quite frankly it's not quite the production version yet...
Toyota JPN Taxi© ToyotaAs usual, the production version is more down-to-earth than its concept predecessor. Considering it's a taxi supposed to remain in service for years, it's probably for the best and timeless elegance is an advantage rather than drawback

And why not exactly? Because, while the design has been finalised, the hybrid powertrain remains under development. Which is not a problem, though, for the car is scheduled to enter taxi service in April 2018, which is still reasonably away in the future. All that is known for now is that the car is supposed to be exceptionally economical (obviously thanks to using LPG autogas on the combustion side of power) and the LPG-electric engine duo is to be optimised towards the specific rigours of taxi service. Engineers have also put emphasis on component durability to make sure the cars remain dependable over long times and mileages of extensive driving. So apparently something is known after all...

The tall body with low entry threshold is said to embody Japanese hospitality, which is further displayed through broad, tall sliding doors. And since Japanese society is growing older rather quickly, the JPN Taxi is wheelchair-friendly. The drivetrain and suspension are being designed with comfort and urban maneuvreability in mind, for both the driver's and the passengers' convenience and peace of mind. We hope to receive more technical details soon and once we do, we'll be happy to share them with you.


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