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Thirty NefAZ CNG buses for Bashkortostan

We imagine half of you are already wondering where the country of Bashkortostan, also known as Bashkiria, actually is. Well,in fact it's not so much a country as a republic of the Russian Federation. Nonetheless, they've just bought 30 CNG-powered buses.
NefAZ 5299-30-51 CNG bus© NefAZCNG bottles are placed on the bus' roof

NefAZ is a brand of buses manufactured by the KamAZ group, a large Russian producer of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The specific model is 5299-30-51 and we bet only the engineers who developed the bus can remember the designation. Still, the 30 newly purchased CNG-powered people carriers will operate in Neftekamsk, a city located in the northwest of Bashkiria, on the river Kama.

The purchase and delivery were executed under Russian government's decree "On Approval of Rules for Granting Subsidies for Purchasing Gas-Powered Buses and Equipment for Housing and Communal Services", supporting the use of CNG as motor fuel for as many public service vehicles in the country as possible. The buses will be operated by Bashavtotrans, a local public transport company.

As for the vehicle itself, the NefAZ 5299-30-51 is a 12-metre, 60% low-floor bus motivated by a Mercedes-Benz M 906 LAG/EEV/1 Euro 5 gas engine. The vehicle is capable of carrying 105 passengers and is adapted for transporting the disabled. If only NefAZ came up with a more memorable name for the bus...


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