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Tedom + Omnitek = Euro 6 CNG engine

Omnitek Engineering will supply gaseous fuel systems to be used on Tedom engines, which in turn will serve to motivate Tedom city buses. This marks another partnership for the two companies, as they have been cooperating for a while now.

As stated in the contract, the American company (Omnitek) will supply natural gas conversion kits for 45 Tedom units. The 12-litre engines to be converted with Omnitek systems will comply with Euro 6 emission standards. They will be certified according the WHTC – World Harmonized Transient Cycle.

As mentioned above, this is not Omnitek's and Tedom's first ever collaboration. Some time ago Omnitek supplied the Czech company (Tedom) with natural gas fuel systems to be used in heavy duty locomotives. We hope to hear more news from the American-Czech partnership in the future.

The ability of Omnitek’s technology to meet the Euro VI emission standards represents an important strategic advantage to both of our organizations. It should further accelerate demand for natural gas engines in Europe, as well as other world regions that require Euro VI certification, and we are gratified to be an industry leader with our partner.

Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.


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