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Seat and CNG in 2014

In late 2013 Seat, the Spanish car manufacturer, signed a deal with Gas Natural Fenosa, a gas distribution company, to jointly develop NGVs – CNG-powered vehicles. The cooperation has already bore some fruit.
Seat Leon TGI refueled at a Gas Natural Fenosa station© SeatIn 2014 Seat produced 1642 Leon TGIs, but only 71 of them remained in Spain

Across entire 2014 Seat produced 3926 cars running on compressed natural gas. More specifically, they were examples of the Spanish brand's following models:

The entire production run was dominated by the Mii Ecofuel, whose 1914 examples were built. The second most popular CNG-powered model was the Leon TGI (1612 copies) and the estate version of the latter, the Leon ST TGI, was only produced since mid-May 2014, so only 400 of them were assembled until the end of the year. Most cars were sold outside Spain, with only 93 left in the country (71 Leon TGIs and 22 Mii Ecofuels).

Modest numbers of CNG-powered Seats sold in the brand's domestic market result directly from Spain's underdeveloped network of CNG refueling stations – there are as few as 38 across the country. Most of them (22) are operated by Gas Natural Fenosa, so hopefully – as cooperation between the duel provider and Seat continues – the number of CNG retail points will grow.


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