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Renault's Euro 6 methane-powered truck range

Renault's Euro 6 methane-powered truck range © Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks, a company with a long-standing tradition of offering natural gas-powered commercial vehicles, has announced a new range of trucks running on methane, compliant with the new and stringent Euro 6 emission standard.
Renault D Wide CNG as a refuse truck© Renault TrucksBelieve us, you'd rather your garbage was collected by a CNG-powered trucks than a diesel!

Renault Trucks' new D-series distribution vehicles in their Wide versions are, like the Volvo FE CNG, powered by the new 9-litre G9K engine, which conforms with the emission limit requirements of the Euro 6 standard. The unit offers 320 PS of power and 1356 Nm of torque.

Renault's CNG trucks can run on either fossil natural gas or biomethane. The latter is a renewable fuel produced from biomass and allows significant CO2 emissions reduction compared to diesel fuel. Also, methane-powered engines emit next to none particulate matter and generate considerably less noise than their diesel equivalents.

Renault D-series Wide CNG is offered in two basic chassis configurations: 4x2 (gross vehicle weight: 19 t) and 6x2 (GVW: 26 t). Refuse trucks and city distribution vehicles are among the most common applications for them. That's why the vehicles are equipped with Allison 3200 automatic gearboxes – this way they're much more convenient to use.

Fuel is stored on-board in 6 or 8 pressure tanks, depending on configuration. Their overall gross capacity is 600 or 800 l, which means thay can hold 90 kg/120 m3 or 120 kg/160 m3 of compressed (to 20 MPa) gas, respectively.


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