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Public CNG station opens in California

Alternative gaseous fuels, such as LPG and CNG, are mainly used by fleets in the US, which means many refueling stations are private, located on fleet operators' premises. However, some are made available to the public, like Waste Management's new retail point.
Waste Management's CNG station© Waste ManagementOpening of the station should encourage drivers and fleet operators in California to use CNG more

The new station is located in Chino. It serves Waste Management's own fleet of CNG-powered refuse trucks, but is also open to outside customers – both commercial fleets and individual users. Whoever has or intends to buy a vehicle running on compressed natural gas instead of petrol, now has a place to refuel it at. At least in Chino, California.

As for Waste Management, the company now operates the largest US fleet of heavy-duty refuse trucks – there are 4000 such vehicles across the country, including 1100 in Southern California alone. Thanks to the WM's commitment to CNG, the South Coast Air Quality Management District named the company one of the most devoted to air quality and sustainability in Southern California.


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