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Pennsylvania funds CNG conversions

State and federal authorities in the US are becoming more and more eager to give out money to fund conversions and purchases of vehicles running on gaseous fuels. Next up is Pennsylvania, with a budget of 7,3 million dollars.

The money has been awarded to 18 companies, organisations and other entities who will use it to switch from diesel to natural gas for their fleets of heavy-duty commercial vehicles. This is a direct outcome of the Pennsylvania Act 13 of 2012 – a document authorising the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to come up with a scheme under which 20 million dollars in grants will be awarded over a period of three years to help buy or convert commercial vehicles to run on natural gas (compressed or liquefied).

Natural gas, particularly from the shale formations here in Pennsylvania, is an abundant, affordable, domestic fuel that is putting this country on a path to energy independence. Act 13 not only strengthened oversight of the drilling industry, it allows us to continue growing jobs while cleaning the air at the same time.

Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania Governor

So far, 14,4 million dollars have been given out in two rounds to 43 applicants. The $7,3 million third round has to date attracted 37 applicants collectively requesting $10 million in funding. Some of them clearly won't be able to take advantage of the scheme, but this only goes to show how much demand there is on the market. Grant requests could not exceed 50% of the purchase or conversion cost (or $25000) per vehicle. Among vehicles applicants wanted to buy or convert there were some running on CNG or LNG only, as well as bi-fuel vehicles, all weighing in excess of 14000 pounds (6,3 tonnes).


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Robert Markowski
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