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Over 27000 free CNG conversions in Bolivia

Workshops converting cars to run on CNG reported fitting compressed natural gas systems to over 27000 cars in 2014. The figures are registered by an institution carrying out pwtrol-to-CNG conversions in Bolivia – the Entidad Ejecutora de Conversión a Gas Natural Vehicular (EEC-GNV).

Director general of the institution, Hernán Vega, reported precisely 27141 conversions to the Bolivian Ministry for Hydrocarbons and Energy (Ministerio Hidrocarburos y Energía). The figure encompasses both private cars and those used by state agencies, offices and institutions.

We are working to replace the fuels traditionally used for transport with domestically-produced natural gas. Thanks to a special fund that has been set up for this purpose, the conversion process is completely free. As a result we expect every fleet in the country to make the switch to CNG.

Hernán Vega, director general, Entidad Ejecutora de Conversión a Gas Natural Vehicular (EEC-GNV)

Since the conversion scheme started in 2010, 108817 vehicles have been converted using public money. Now the fleet of CNG-converted vehicles generates savings of 80 million dollars against what Bolivian government used to spend on subsidising conventional fuels. The price for CNG in Bolivia is roughly 50% of the price for petrol, which means fuel-related expenses drop by half after conversion.

EEC-GNV's CNG scheme is carried out through a network of 250 authorised and certified conversion workshops across the country.


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