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Ontario's biggest CNG station in progress

The new station is a joint endeavour of U.S. GAIN and Emterra Group. It will be located in Mississauga near Toronto and will serve Emterra's fleet of 120 CNG vehicles as well other companies operating methane-powered vehicles.

Emterra is a recycling resources collection and management company, one of Canada's largest. Since they own a fleet of 120 waste collection vehicles, no wonder they need a big refueling station. Especially that – as part of the company's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas and noise emissions – the already large fleet is set to further rise to over 200 vehicles by late 2015. Compared to diesels, Emterra's CNG trucks reduce emissions by 20% and noise pollution by up to 90%.

Converting our fleet to CNG is the next logical step for our company to fully live our mission of improving the environment. It’s the passion we have for creating sustainability that drives our efforts and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to partner with U.S. Gain. The new CNG station will make it possible for us to contribute to the environmental health and well-being of the communities we service by operating greener trucks.

Emmie Leung, Emterra’s founder and CEO

The station will operate under the name GAIN Clean Fuel and will join a network of 46 CNG retail points already working or in progress under that brand across the US and Canada. GAIN Clean Fuel plans to boost construction of new stations so that the overall number exceeds 100 within the next two years. The stations are and will be located along major transit routes so that they best serve operators of large CNG truck fleets.


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