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NGV market grows fast in Belgium

Apparently, Belgium has been Europe's fastest growing NGV market in the past 18 months, with the number of methane-powered vehicles tripling over that period. What's driving this sudden surge of compressed natural gas popularity?
CNG station in Belgium© Q8Finding one of these in Belgium nowadays is something of a challenge, but is planned to be easier in 2018

Before we get to reasons, let's stick to some numbers first. The number of NGVs on the roads is now past the 2000 threshold, up from merely 650 back in 2013. While the current number fails to impress, the rate of growth doesn't. Especially that the CNG refueling infrastructure is set to expand along – according to announcements from several major fuel distributors, the number of CNG retail points is also set to more than triple soon, namely by 2018.

If you think there must be a reason behind this extraordinary interest, you're right – there is. The Belgian Federation of Natural Gas (KVBG) subsidised purchases of NGVs by offering 2000 euros to every vehicle bought in 2014. Additional discounts were offered by vehicle manufacturers. The initiative, announced at a 2014 car show, attracted over 800 buyers, helping establish CNG as a tangible alternative to petrol and diesel. It was repeated during the show's 2015 edition, adding another 250 vehicles sold. Also, 150 commercial NGVs have been sold so far thanks to a special subsidy for municipalities.

There are currently 20 CNG stations in Belgium (plus two LNG ones). The goal is to have 75 CNG retail points by 2018, with Dats24 network investing in 50 new stations alone. Q8 will also join the CNG bandwagon, but on a smaller scale. Stations will be subsidised with 40 thousand euros each.


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