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MGM Resorts has fleet of CNG Cadillacs

Do you know that MGM Resorts has a fleet of 22-feet-long Cadillac XTS limos converted to run on compressed natural gas instead of petrol? Well, you do now. Read on to find out more about the company's environmentally responsible rides.
MGM Resorts' CNG-powered Cadillac XTS limo© NGT News31 limos won't save the world, but they set an example

The Cadillac XTS-based limos are said to be specially designed for MGM Resorts and, reportedly, they're first ever XTSs to be converted to run on CNG. On the passenger side of the experience, the cars feature custom interiors with high-quality leather upholstery and "hand-selected elements” to create "the ultimate guest experience”. Well, if you insist on that.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the methane-powered limos performance, other than the fact they feature 3,6-litre V6 engines and offer 200-mile (approx. 320-km) range on a full tank of CNG. The important thing is, however, the new vehicles only spew out approx. one-ninth of the emissions produced by the formerly used Lincoln Town Car-based limos.

The XTS limos are not the first CNG-powered vehicles in MGM Resorts' fleet – they're actually the third generation thereof. The aforementioned Lincoln Town Cars were the first back in 2009, then Cadillac Escalades followed in 2013. The XTSs (31 of them, each stretched by 70 inches or approx. 175 cm) are now in to serve guests at ARIA, Bellagio Resort & Casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Way to go, MGM Resorts, that's some environmental responsibility in action!


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