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LPG - Germany's favourite alternative fuel

Despite a small decrease in 2014, the number of LPG-powered cars in Germany remains very high. So much so that autogas is by far the most popular alternative fuel in the country, much ahead of everything other than petrol and diesel.

As of January 1, 2015, there were exactly 494148 autogas-powered cars in Germany. Compared to the beginning of 2014, this means a decrease by 1,3 percent (from 500656), but nonetheless LPG is the most commonly used alternative to petrol and diesel. And what about other green, environmentally friendly fuels and powertrains? According to the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, i. e. the Federal Car Transport Office), the list includes:

  • hybrid cars (107754 examples);
  • CNG-powered cars (81423 examples);
  • EVs (18948 examples).

Given that hybrids are powered with petrol and diesel (on the "combustion side of power”, that is), LPG-powered cars are by 6 times as numerous than the nearest runner-up (CNG cars). Still, there's vast potential for improvement, since there are millions of cars in Germany running on petrol. We hope the numbers will go significantly up this year.


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Piotr Złoty
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