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LNG racecar set to start at Le Mans in 2017

The 2015 edition of the famous 24-hour Le Mans race is now history, so it's time to look into the future and await the 2016 incarnation. But let's skip that for now and fast forward to 2017, shall we? Because that's when an LNG-powered car is set to enter the competition.
WR Biométhane's LNG-powered Le Mans racer© WR BiométhaneYou've seen one Le Mans prototype, you've seen them all - the rub is in the fuel it uses

The car will be developed and entered by WR Biométhane, a team started for the very purpose of preparing a racer running on natural gas. In fact, as the name suggests, the vehicle will run on biogas produced from waste biomass. This means it will be very friendly for the environment – even more than if it were powered by fossil natural gas. With biogas the racer has the potential to be carbon-neutral, but it will still offer what we all love and what EV don't have – engine roar.

To boost energy efficiency and limit weight, gaseous fuel will be stored in liquefied form, inside a cryogenic tank. Technical details are limited for now, but we're bound to learn more in the following months. Or maybe sooner, as the idea was presented at the Salon Expobiogaz 2015 in Paris between June 16 and 18. Will the new car break the domination of Porsche and Audi at Le Mans in 2017? Probably not as it will compete in a different class, but we hope it will make its mark. Still, we're not keeping our fingers crossed just yet, because who wants to keep their fingers crossed for two years?


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