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Green Hybrid Cup 2015 - details unveiled

During the Automotoretro 2015 fair in Torino, Italy, winners of the 2014 edition of the Green Hybrid Cup racing series were awarded. The ceremony was also an opportunity to present the details of the upcoming 2015 season.

Gabriele Torelli, winner of Green Hybrid Cup 2014, received a Kia Picanto funded by Kia Motors Italia and the title of Italian Alternative Energy Champion. Jimmy Ghione and Jacopo Lombardelli, who came second and third respectively, received trips funded by Robe di Viaggio.

BRC Racing Team's racing and rally cars© BRCBRC remains devoted to motorsports with their LPG-powered cars

As for the 2015 season, the Green Hybrid Cup's fifth edition, it will be reduced to five races, all to be held at racing circuits inside Italy. For us this means the series won't be coming to the Poznań, at least not this year.

The first round will be held on May 17 at the Autodromo dell'Umbria in Magione. The second one – on June 28 – will take place at the Imola, the third (July 26) at the track around Lake Pergusa. After the holiday break two final rounds will be held – one at the Vallelunga (September 13) and the final one (October 25) at the Varano de'Melegari circuit.

As for the races themselves, the formula will be as before: two runs, 20 minutes each, plus two training sessions and qualifications during each racing weekend. Also, to ensure honest competition conditions, not only are the hybrid (LPG-electric) Kia Vengas used in the Green Hybrid Cup built to the same specifications, but they are picked at random by drivers before each race.

Furthermore, BRC Racing Team has confirmed (through Massimiliano Fissore, the team's director) involvement in the 2015 season of the Italian Rally Championship. Two cars will compete: a Ford Fiesta R5 with a BRC LDI liquid state autogas injection system and a Suzuki Swift. We'll keep our fingers crossed and our eyes out.


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