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Gazprom builds LNG station in Poland

The site is located at 38 Ostrobramska St. in Warsaw, Poland, at a local city bus depot. LNG-powered buses have been in use since January 2015, but so far they have been refueled from mobile stations. The first permanent one is under construction now.
MZA Warszawa's LNG-powered Solbus buses at the Ostrobramska depot© GazpromEven thoough the new station will be a permanent fixture, not a mobile unit, fuel will still be supplied by tankers

Construction has been in progress since March 2015, after the planning phase finished in February of the same year. The entire initiative is a joint effort by Gazprom Germania, MZA (Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe – the City Bus Operator) and Solbus, manufacturer of LNG-powered articulated buses, 35 of which are already in service in Warsaw.

The station will feature two LNG tanks with a capacity of 60 m3 each and a regassification module enabling the station to offer LCNG (compressed natural gas produced from liquefied one) as well. Once completed (launch is planned for summer 2015), the station will be able to supply 200 LNG- and CNG-powered vehicles with fuel every day.

Warsaw is now one of only two European cities using buses running on LNG, the other being Olsztyn, also in Poland. The LNG/LCNG station at Ostrobramska St. in Warsaw, at MZA's depot, will be the first of its kind in Europe. All the while, Poland's CNG refueling infrastructure is hugely underdeveloped, with only 25 sites across the country.


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