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GasShow 2015 - may the show commence!

FLESZ GasShow 2015 - may the show commence! ©

The most anticipated event of the LPG/CNG/LNG sector event in Poland and entire Europe – the 2015 edition of the GasShow fair – has begun. For two days – today and tomorrow – all the world's major manufacturers and service providers will be displaying whatever new and good they have.

This year's edition of the GasShow is the sixth one running (considering the event's ephemeral forerunner – the 2010 LPG & CNG Show). You can count on approx. 120 exhibitors from Poland, Europe and all over the world, two days of exhibition and an accompanying conference during most of the fair's first day. This means there's absolutely no risk of boredom and lack of topics for conversation with exhibitors and industry experts for anyone who decides to visit Warsaw's Expo XXI centre to see what the name of the game is in the gaseous fuel sector this year.

New products – not only ECU's, reducers and injectors, but also accessories (e. g. valve saver fluids) – are abundant on the show floor and so are services, among them construction and maintenance of fuel stations, fuel deliveries and quality control, etc. And even though LPG is dominant as an alternative fuel around the world, the methane (CNG and LNG) sector is well-represented, too. All in all, anyone interested in gaseous fuel should already be here or on their way. Everyone who'd like to be here but can't due to other obligations – don't worry, we'll keep you up to date as far as the 2015 GasShow goes. Stay tuned for more!


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