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GasShow 2015 - halfway through

The first day of this year's edition of the GasShow fair came and went, but that's not the end of emotion for today – even though the hospitable Expo XXI exhibition centre is about to close for the night, we are still looking forward to the INPRO 2015 award ceremony.
GasShow 2015 - outdoor exhibition© gazeo.comNot everything worth seeing at the GasShow is displayed indoors

The first day of the GasShow surely was rich with emotion – we saw and met so many new products and old friends that we'll certainly have things to do on day two. Equally certainly we'll have too little time on our hands to talk with everybody we want to for as much as we'd like to. But that's what the GasShow is and always has been like – it only lasts for two days (in fact, it's just 16 hours altogether), so economising on time is a necessity. Luckily there's the Afterparty in the evening – apart from the INPRO award ceremony, there's also the social aspect.

On our part, we're primarily interested in hard facts, i. e. who gets awarded and for which products and services. We're there on the spot, so once the cards are on the table, be sure we'll share the information with you. Stay tuned to!


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