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GasShow 2015 - day two

FLESZ GasShow 2015 - day two ©

The second day of the 2015 GasShow fair is about to begin. Since there are no side events today, the entire day can be devoted to seeing the stands in detail and talking to exhibitors. And that's exactly what we're going to do.
GasShow 2015© gazeo.comGasShow 2015

There are approx. 130 stands on the show floor this year, but there's still a day ahead of us, so most of them can be visited, if not all. And as in previous years, there are companies from all over the world here today, most of them manufacturers of gaseous fuel systems and components. The exhibition is oriented towards representatives of the LPG/CNG/LNG sector (producers, distributors and installers), but end users, i. e. drivers of LPG- and CNG-/LNG-powered vehicles will also find the expo interesting.

This is the place where representatives of the sector meet (ranging from CEO's of manufacturing companies to installers and maintenance technicians), making the GasShow the ultimate place to exchange experience and transfer knowledge. As usual, the vibe around the expo hall is great, which we hopefully managed to show though our pictures in the gallery attached.

Once again is the fair's media partner, this time an online one. If you haven't paid a visit to the 2015 GasShow yet, don't miss the opportunity and when you're here, be sure to stop by's stand to talk and have a cup of our very refreshing coffee!


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