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First Bio LPG plant under construction

The cornerstone of the world's first Bio LPG plant has been laid. The facility will be built in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, by Neste at the cost of 60 million euros and is expected to launch by late 2016.
Neste's Bio LPG refinery cornerstone© Neste OilOnce again LPG is a byproduct of another fuel's production process, but once again it's greener and cleaner than that fuel

Bio LPG will allow users of the fuel to cut carbon dioxide emissions without having to make any technological modifications to their existing LPG systems. The new fuel can be used as autogas, for heating or bottled just like fossil LPG has been for decades.

The Rotterdam refinery will supply 40 thousand tonnes of Bio LPG per year. The product will be exclusively distributed by SHV Energy and the company has already made plans to deliver 160 thousand tonnes of Bio LPG to customers over the first four years of the facility's operation.

Biomass-sourced LPG is officially certified as a GHG-emission-cutting means and a step towards sustainable growth in Great Britain. SHV Energy hopes to obtain similar certifications in several more countries, including France, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Ireland.

The Neste refinery in Rotterdam is primarily known as manufacturer of top-quality NexBTL diesel fuel, which is renewable and produced from various sorts of waste, byproducts and plant oils. The under-construction installation will allow to separate Bio LPG from the side gas stream in the NexBTL production process.


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