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ENN opens LNG station in UK

Chinese company ENN has opened its first LNG refueling station in the UK for trucks. The retail point is located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and set to serve dual fuel (diesel + methane) trucks used by Whitbread.
Dual-fuel (diesel + LNG) trucks wearing Whitbread livery© ENN EuropeWhitbread's fleet is the first one in Europe using ENN's station, with more to follow

The station will serve 16 heavy duty trucks operated by Kuehne + Nagel in service of hotel company Whitbread. The vehicles are used for making daily deliveries to Whitbread's posts across the country, including Premier Inn hotels and Costa Coffee cafés.

ENN's station is the first container-type LNG refueling premise in Europe. It fits inside a typical 45-foot (13,5-metre) ISO container, which houses a tank capable of holding 8 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG), a cryogenic pump and a dispenser with an integrated meter.

Since the station is modular by nature, it can be easily expander by adding more tanks, pumps and dispensers. Optionally, a module enabling regasification of LNG to CNG and refueling with the latter form of methane can be added.

Thanks to the station's flexibility and ease of construction, ENN has developed a scheme for developing an LNG refueling network across the UK and north-western Europe (for both LNG-powered vehicle depots and publicly accessible ones) to provide easy access to LNG.

ENN has ambitious plans to rapidly develop a network of natural gas refuelling stations in Northwest Europe, and will open several more stations in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany in 2015. Our aim is to ultimately provide seamless LNG refuelling for companies like Kuehne + Nagel and Whitbread throughout the UK and the whole of Europe, and Wellingborough marks an important milestone on this journey.

Michael Liu, General Manager of ENN Europe

ENN owns one of the biggest natural gas refueling networks in the world, comprising over 600 stations in China, the United States, Canada and Europe.


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